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Crystal Clear Micodermabrasion and Oxygen Therapy Treatments


Microdermabrasion is a safe and controlled method of skin resurfacing, performing a progressive rather than aggressive treatment to the skin. It solves a wide range of skin concerns providing instant visible results.  These include lines and wrinkles, open pores, blackheads, pigmentation, sun damage, blemish scars, acne scars and much more.



Microdermabrasion (45 mins) £60

This treatment includes a full facial exfoliation, corrective work on areas of concern,

followed by a lifting method to firm the skin. A rehydrating and lifting mask is then



Oxygen Therapy


Oxygen Therapy is a sophisticated and clinically proven treatment that delivers

pulsed oxygen and skin restructuring actives where skin health, elasticity and firmess

begins, resulting in dramatically rejuvenated skin with visibly reduced lines and wrinkles.


Oxygen Facial (30 mins) £55

This treatment includes cleansing, exfoliating, oxygen serum, pure oxygen via puncture

jet system, followed by a lifting method to firm the skin. A rehydrating and lifting mask is

then applied.


Microdemabrasion (MDA) and Oxygen Therapy (1hr) £75

This treatment includes cleansing, a full facial MDA exfoliation, oxygen serum, pure

oxygen via a puncture jet system,  followed by a lifting method to firm the skin. A

rehydrating andlifting mask is then applied.


Results are visible immediately. However, a course of treatments is often recommended to achieve maximum results.

Wellbeing Treatments


Swedish Massage

Massage helps relieves pain and tension in the muscles, allowing clients to

de-stress, relax and unwind.


Full Body Massage (50 mins) £50

Back, Neck and Shoulder Swedish Massage (25 mins) £30


The doAroma Reiki Experience (60 mins) £65

A deeply relaxing but powerful experience that combines doTerra essential oils

with accupressure, gentle massage to re-balance your charkas and reiki.

Designed to bring youur body and mind back into a state of equililbrium.



Crystal Clear Hands on Facials


Crystal Clear’s hands on skincare range is a selection of treatments

based on the latest advances in technology. Using clinically proven ingredients it is

designed to target your skin’s individual needs.


NEW The Chopstick facial (55 mins) £65

This facial includes two sonic wands working simutaneously over the skin,

creating instant results in, face lifting and firming, plumping and hydrating,

eye lifting, eye de-puffing and luminous  soft skin. Suitable for all skin types.


Stay Young Intense Anti-Ageing Facial (50mins)  £60

Suitable for ageing, tired, lined and dehyrated skin.                    


Problem Solving Facial (45 mins)  £55

Suitable for oily, combination, congested, open pores & acne skin.  


The Ultimate Experience (1hr 25 mins)  £85

Total indulgence and pure relaxation

(Stay Young Facial with a back, neck, & shoulder Massage)                  


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COMCIT Frozen Facial 


COMCIT – (Cryo Oxygen Microchannelling Collagen Induction Therapy)

This is an advanced aesthetic  facial treatment from Crystal Clear that works from the inside out, painlessly and safely penetrating a powerful mix of anti-ageing nutrients deep into the skin. read more


COMCIT has proven results in:


COMCIT Advanced Aesthetic Facial £90 / Maintenance £90


Course of 6 COMCIT Facials £540


A difference is visible after the very first treatment, however a course of 6 treatments is recommended. Acne scarring, deep lines and wrinkles and pigmentation may require more than 6 treatments. (payment can be split over two installments)

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