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W A X  T R E A T M E N T S


We use the Perron Rigot warm waxing system.With specially formulated ingredients that they arekind and caring to the skin, we ensure our clients enjoy a comfortable and pleasant experience.


1/2 Leg £20      

3/4 Leg £25

Top Leg £35

Top Leg with Bikini £40

Full Leg £45

Full Leg and Bikini £50

Full Arm £25

Eyebrows from £12

Lip £8

Chin £8

Nostrils £10

Toes £5

Underarm £12


Female Intimate Waxing (Hot Wax System)

Trained by the prestigious female intimate waxing "Queen" Kim Lawless.


Our hot wax system (non-strip) by Perron Rigot adheres to the hair ONLY and not the skin. This superior, technically advanced hot wax system works by shrink-wrapping each hair to ensure that every root is removed.


Bikini £15

G-String £28

Brazilian £33

Hollywood £38


Please note

Hair must be at least 1cm long for both waxing systems.  It is not advisable to have a sauna, steam or any other heat treatment after any waxing for at least 12 hours.